We will be having a little get together Saturday, February 2, 2013. All are welcome to join us. :)

Leave the biscotti at home.

Server Location: Chicago, IL
Server IP:
Server Password: dwel
Mod: Revolution(Likely) in IU emulation
Gametypes: CTF and maybe TDM/FFA
Maps: 3wave, wtf, baseq3, cpma[not q3ctf1 or q3dm17]

Mod: http://www.xzero450.com/mirror/z-Revolution-200[almost].pk3
Mod part 2: http://www.xzero450.com/mirror/Revo-Chi[pack-1-8-2013].zip
ProMode skins: http://www.xzero450.com/mirror/zz-promode-skins.pk3
Maps: http://xzero450.com/mirror/maps/