What is Revolution?

Revolution came to be after development on the Reactance Unlagged project slowed. Revolution is an expansion on the idea of Reactance in that it would provide the improvements that the community was seeking and attempt to expand capabilities in an effort to consolidate communities. Revolution started being developed in the days where Quake III Arena was declining in numbers and smaller communities like Unlagged, Instagib, Instagib+, and InstaUnlagged were experiencing much more rapid decline with mods that were outdated. Primarily focused on replacing InstaUnlagged, Revolution attempts to provide the ability to emulate the two most popular versions(InstaUnlagged 1.1 and IU1.2Beta3) and provide the the desired enhancements of ProMode skins, CPM phsyiscs, and the elimination of Forced Lag.

The primary objective of Revolution can be summarized as: Provide as much as possible without sacrificing performance on the server of the client. This meant that Revolution would focus on being highly configurable, adaptable, with little to no performance loss.


Who is Revolution?

Revolution was created by a large number of individuals who still contribute today and those that have contributed as far back as 1999 with the release of Quake III Arena. The list below does not recognize everyone, and I sincerely apologize for that because every contribution mattered and made Revolution what it is.

Development Team

Curtis "Lucron" Click
Robin "Arcaon" Blomberg
William "Spike" Kimerer
Jonathan "Evolution" Murphy

Contributing Mod Developers

Darrell "Doolittle" Bircsak
C.J. "methejuggler" Manca
John "M^onk^K" Minadeo
John "QUADFather" Mora
Neil "haste" Toronto

Art Devlopers

Vesa "Decky" Autio
Max "Maxeh" Nystrom
John "Dwel13R" Rokosky

Notable Mod Development Teams

ProMode Team
Reactance team

Website Maintenance

Jonathan Kleinschmidt