• One of the greatest examples of over promising and under-delivering is the Revolution mod, or perhaps it's just me. Spike and I began discussing incorporating Corkscrew into Revolution as a set of configurations that would allow the entire replication of Corkscrew or just parts of it. Part of this discussion re-ignited my desire to fix my implementation of FreezeTag which had been implemented as 2 gamemodes (full weapons and insta) instead of a gametype. I believe I had accomplished this and then set off to incorporate Corkscrew, which stands in a state where it's partially incorporated and prevents further development until complete. Spike had set off tracking down and correcting some bugs, but I believe he had to run back to the store in search of more RAID and that's where things stopped progressing(perhaps the amount of RAID needed is far too great?). Ultimately, Spike and myself are a tad busy with the tendency to utilize the little free time we're allotted on things other than Quake 3 development.

    In the time Spike and I do find that we are free, we have been attempting speed captures in Revolution through the InstaUnlagged 1.2 emulation. Its quick, its simple, and its somewhat relaxing. We have not posted many of them online with the hopes that someday we will be able to compile an entire movie from them and we would like to include some interesting trick jumps and possibly good ole frags.

    A "recent" development in the Quake community(as a whole) is that Quake Live is no longer free. If you were unfortunate enough to not have it in your Steam Library at the time of this change, you will have to shell out $10 USD in order to obtain it again. This has created some uproar but not enough so that Quake Live will die or Quake 3 will suddenly come back to life. This did trigger a new project for myself that I thought I could get done fairly quickly in a crude shape based upon the analysis of Quake Live versus Quake 3. The keys are:

    • Quake Live is a face lift upon Quake 3 (New maps, models, and sounds + updated maps, models, and sounds)
    • Quake Live has global stats and rankings
    • Quake Live has a centralized community with a multitude of game play options
    • Quake Live is more intuitive and requires less effort during initial setup

    My new project was then to create a new Server Browser for Quake 3 that aimed to make things better. While kali and qtracker exist and function, my goal was to be more specialized for the purpose of Quake 3 yet retaining the "Revolution" mindset that anything should be possible(meaning why not other games also?). In reviewing the current state of Quake 3, I noticed that there are a multitude of engines being used for servers ranging from the original 1.16n release to more modern engines such as ioquake3 and Challenge Q3 and content replacements such as Open Arena. I compiled a feature set that I believe would offset some of what Quake Live offers, the features are then:

    • Out of Engine Config Builder / Manager (Create a config to be used globally or unique per engine configurations)
    • Version / Engine filtering and switching for ease of connectivity
    • Integration with IRC for chat, friends, status, etc.
    • (Down the line) Missing Mod/Map detection with repository searching/installation

    This project has been started in .NET 4 but hasn't seen a lot of progress beyond being able to query master servers. My goal for 2016 is to get the Server Browser done, and finish what I started with Revolution.